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Le Sommelier



Bistro Sommelier



Modern American Steak House.

We’ve taken the best from the real American steak house tradition; namely, large steaks cut from some of the best cattle in the world. We’ve added innovation, an amazing wine list to match the high-quality beef and a design that enhances the experience. All of the above served with a solid background experience.

Always with a passion for our profession, sky high ambitions and the enthusiastic spirit we bring to everything we do.

The guest must always be the center of our attention and it is our pleasure to ensure they get the full MASH experience and an out-of-the-ordinary steak meal every time they visit our restaurants.

This is – in short – the essence of MASH. The rest must be experienced…



MASH will be recognized as one of the world’s best steak houses when our guests visit us on Denmark and elsewhere in Europe.


We will always seek perfection and pursue the full experience for guests – from booking a table to receiving the bill for meal, including getting their jackets before they go. We create the utmost ambience for our guests and our ultimate quest is to deliver exceptional experiences. If we are good enough at our job, every guest can become a regular in the restaurant.


At MASH we offer an atmospheric environment and top-notch quality which makes our costumers want to come back again, and again.  Our passionate, dedicated associates create and deliver a total experience; from the extra seasonings for the main course to the absolute world-class wine to enhance the taste even more.

Our values apply to all the people at MASH and to the business itself.

All the values have one thing in common: they form the bond and the basis which guides the way we think, act and develop. We are one for all and all for one.
With more than 600 musketeers, we are only as strong as the weakest link.

REGA - MASH SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS                                                           

MASH has joined UN's Global Compact through REGA Denmark, the first business association in the world to form a community working to improve sustainability on a measureable level. It is an ongoing development working to ensure human rights, sustainability and anti corruption.